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Chișinău, the city that i come from, is just 6 hours drive from Kiev. By plane i got there in 1 hour. Living all my life so close to Kiev, i never visited this city before may 2013. So we met each other when i was 33. And i fell in love with Kiev irrecoverably. I always thought Kiev is just one of the ex USSR capitals. With lots of soviet  traces like habits, architecture, people. But i was wrong. It has a lot more than that. And a lot of things that smart Ukrainians  preserved for them and for their future generations. Fortunately, Ukraine is a country that cared about its roots and traditions. Now, when i see the flames and the cruelty which has installed in Kiev, my heart cries  for the  lives and for the values that Kiev loses as irrecoverably as i a love this city.  I wanted to share with you this pictures long long time ago. But i never had the best time to publish them. Now is the time, unfortunately.  It might be that like this, shiny, bright,warm, Kiev will never look anymore.  Or our help and support may be needed. From all around the world. This article is for my English speaking readers. I don’t know how many of you read this. But i think you deserve to discover this face of Kiev instead of thinking about it as about a place, very far away, where animals beat and kill  humans.


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