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<ENG>Since I’ve landed in Montreal, I’ve  started looking for events that I’d like and could enrich me. Some of them were too expensive to be visited, the others I discovered only after they were finished. Thankfully in Montreal there is always, always, something going on. And obviously, at one moment, I started feeling frustrated because i was missing something interesting everyday.

Some  feel the Christmas coming thanks to the changes in radios’ playlists, some thanks to sales and house decorations. I felt it by the abundance of Christmas events all around in Montreal. Mostly fairs, exhibitions and markets dedicated to the looking-for-a Christmas -gift craziness.

This weekend I felt lucky to visit SOUK@SAT. Despite the surprise of not being aloud to get inside with my kids, i really enjoyed a short walk through the exposed artists. It was short because i was always thinking of my kids, waiting in the car, but it was so full of impressions. SOUK@SAT is already at its 10th edition and it gathers under the same roof contemporary artists who have the chance to show theirs visions but also to sell their products, BTW, not cheap at all. Its a nice occasion to feel the breath of local, Montreal art and to discover interesting local trends in design, fashion and even gastronomy.

TOYS. The vintage wooden cars were amazing. As well the milk teeth toys and felt colorful rabbits.



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(ENG) When you move to another city to live, the central market should be one of the first things to discover. Especially if you want fresh, new, diverse food on your table. You go to the market to choose the best, to inhale the spirit of the city, to explore, to communicate, to negotiate, to smell and to finally understand what kind of products or moments could make you wish to come back here.

Jean Talon Market, located in the heart of Montreal, is a place I had kept for the dessert, I mean for some later-to-come  “good times”.

Suddenly this good time came. And that long, sunny, free Sunday afternoon offered me the chance to visit this legendary place. I turned off the housekeeper and turned on the gourmand in me. So it was a real trip of tastes.

At the very beginning, on the left as well as on the right side of the entrance, you can choose your first snack: meat or seafood. I ignored les saucissons, despite a very nice boy,  inviting me with a smile.

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